Healthcare IT: The Deal With It and the Possibilities

As time goes on, more and more people are becoming particular about healthcare. Well, this is to be expected. If you look at everything that has been going on, there is always the potential for new diseases to develop and strike lingering around. Even genetically modifying crops has a bad result on our health despite allowing for less loss of said crop to hazards such as pests. With all these problems arising, a better system for healthcare delivery, and of course much more affordable, should be established. What many people have their eyes on now is healthcare IT, something which could do just that.

There are, however, problems that may arise through the implementation of healthcare IT within all healthcare providers. One such problem may be the experience of making less profit from their patients as the stay within the healthcare facility would be of less time. One other problem is that those that want to implement healthcare IT into their facilities will have to pay a large cost to do, something which only adds up to the problem with making less of a profit from patients. But if you take a good look at it, making less of a profit wouldn’t be much to worry about if the provision of better healthcare services is established. However, for the healthcare facilities in question, they would need ways to cut costs when it comes to all their needed medical supplies.

Due to this, there may be an influx of companies that will begin to market in the healthcare industry. This possibility could be viewed as something like an answer to helping healthcare facilities with having all that they need at better prices and with the provision of better service. After all, there is a lot of competition when it comes to service providers and a lot of them provide better service at varying prices, some being relatively less than the other but with also better performance. Aside from being able to bring the healthcare field better service and a lower cost for it, perhaps it can be viewed as a way to make more sales for these companies. Healthcare services are of course quite important, and if these facilities face making less profit from their patients, then they may have to think about switching their providers for certain services.

Though if you look at the big picture, it may all even out in due time. Healthcare facilities may face less gains than before but in due time, we may be able to say that they will adapt to it, as did all other businesses during the time of the economic slow down. For the provision of better and more efficient healthcare services, it really would be a small price to pay. Healthcare IT may just be the way to go if we are to achieve a better field of healthcare that is prone to making less errors and providing better and faster service, also one that saves more lives. And with all the chances for marketing their products and services within the healthcare industry, companies can add to creating a better healthcare field.

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The Battle Over “Healthcare” in America Today


Or is it “health care”? Or “health-care”? The battle over how to properly use the term “healthcare” has trudged on in America for many years. I have been involved in educating healthcare professionals and students here in New York City and on Long Island for over 27 years. For that entire time I have watched the phrase “healthcare” being grammatically abused by all – even by the largest book publishing companies, dictionary publishers, newspaper and magazine publishers, medical institutions, and government agencies in America.

Who Is To Blame For The Confusion?

But these very same publishers and institutions are to blame for the prolonged confusion. Some of them mandate the using of “healthcare” as one word for all grammatical situations. And some of them still insist on using “healthcare”, as well as “health care”, depending on the specific topic being discussed. To make matters much worse, some publications will even switch around the term and the way that it is used – all within the same publication. Here at our company we have consciously chosen to use “healthcare” as one word, but we certainly understand both sides of the argument. New compound words always seem awkward to use for a while. But eventually, we all accept and conform to the change. Most of us in America have already accepted the change to using “healthcare” as one word. Now it is time for the last few holdouts to accept this change and start using “healthcare” as one word.

Why We Use Healthcare

Why, then, does my medical training and publishing company embrace “healthcare” as one word? Well, “health care” may have technically been two words when the term first came about, but in all rational practicality it was one word. The distinction was a fine one – and way too subtle, obviously, to keep up. Before long, writers and editors alike started dropping that confusing extra space, transforming what had become a purely semantic nuance into no nuance at all. At my company, we have a core belief that we have an obligation to our students and readers to make everything that we teach and publish to be as easy to read and understand as possible. If this means using one word versus two, or using an unpopular or grammatically incorrect hyphen in a word, or splitting an infinitive, or using extra commas, then we will do it. Our first and foremost duty is to our students and readers, not the grammar editors or linguists.

Evolution And Improvement Of Our Language

But can we blame our language for simplifying and evolving? It’s equally possible that American society, in its infinite semantic wisdom, decided not to split hairs – or word phrases – where it is pointless to do so. This isn’t just the inescapable evolution of our language. It actually is a sensible change to make.

“Healthcare” and “Health Care” Defined

We will frequently see the word or phrase “healthcare” and “health care” but are unsure whether they are the same. Many people use each one to mean the same thing – but they were fundamentally different at first. At its most elemental definition, “health care” was a service offered by trained professionals to patients. As one word, “healthcare” meant the system in which the professionals work and where patients receive care. Healthcare as one word referred to a system to deliver health care (two words). Thus, America has a “healthcare system”. In Great Britain, it’s called the National Health Service.

We can easily see why these definitions can get confusing and become commingled. But now, most of us accept that the term “healthcare” is now a generic way of referring to any aspect of medical care – no matter what the topic being discussed. Whether it is a discussion of the diagnosis or treatment of diseases, or how that diagnosis or treatment is delivered, or how they are paid for, is now “healthcare” – one word.


The term “healthcare” will eventually become widely accepted as one word, whether linguists and editors like it or not. This acceptance has already occurred in British English, where “healthcare” as one word is used more frequently. Some American and Canadian publications still resist the change, still preferring both “health care” and “healthcare.” Australian English falls somewhere in-between. In any event, it’s inevitable that “healthcare” will eventually be accepted as one word

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